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Criminal Minds Scoops from TV Guide

Got any more details about Prentiss’ final Criminal Minds episode? — Kyle
ADAM: As we’ve noted before, Prentiss will definitely not be killed off. So the next question is: When might Paget Brewster make a return appearance? “She’s open to coming back, and the character is positioned in a way that she can come back periodically,” Joe Mantegna tells us. “I could see her coming and doing an arc with us, and that will be good for everybody. Sometimes that’s enough. If she comes in and does [a few episodes] per season, it will be like she never left in a way.”



Season Finale Photos for Criminal Minds

I’ve got two news stills in the gallery from the first part of the season finale of Criminal Minds.

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Criminal Minds “The Company” Screencaps

I’ve updated the Paget Brewster Dot Com Gallery with screencaps from this week’s Criminal Minds, The Company.

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Criminal Minds – “Heathridge Manor” – Screencaps

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Paget Brewster on leaving: ‘I’m probably in denial’

Paget Brewster is doing her best not to think about her imminent exit from “Criminal Minds.” Again.

With several weeks of filming left on the seventh season of the CBS mystery series, which airs a new episode tonight (Wednesday, March 21), the actress is in her last rounds as FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit Agent Emily Prentiss. It’s a spot she knows only too well, having been written out of the show during the sixth year … but this time, her departure is on her own terms.

Nevertheless, Brewster tells Zap2it, “I guess I’m probably in denial. I’m not thinking that far ahead, and I’ll bet when I read that last script, I’m going to cry like a baby. And there’s the possibility that later, the team might need Prentiss or ‘Criminal Minds’ might need Paget. And I’m game.”

Brewster has seen both sides of the fan response to her decision to leave: “I made the mistake — and so many actors do this — of looking at message boards. It felt like half the people were saying, ‘This is great, I want to see her do comedy,’ and the other half were saying, ‘What an ungrateful creep. She left, and then she came back, and now she’s leaving again.’

“It hurt to read that people were mad. It made me feel bad. I understand how they feel, though. I’m a fan of shows, too, and I want my favorite characters to be where I want them to be. I’m touched and flattered that there’s any kind of response to what I choose to do for a job. That’s pretty unusual. The entire experience is bittersweet.”

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Criminal Minds “Foundation” Screencaps

New screencaps added to the Paget Brewster Dot Com Gallery from tonight’s Criminal Minds, “Foundation”.

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“I Love You, Tommy Brown” Criminal Minds Screencaps

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