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Criminal Minds “Hit & Run” Screencaps

Well, we’ve updated the Paget Brewster dot Com Gallery with screencaps from her last episode of Criminal Minds. What a run it was, and SO excited for what comes next!

Paget Brewster Dot Com Gallery > Criminal Minds > Season 7 > 7×23 “Hit (Part 1)” & 7×24 “Run (Part 2)


2 new Criminal Minds Season Finale Stills

I’ve updated the Paget Brewster Dot Com Gallery with 2 new stills from this week’s season finale.

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Behind the scenes video from the CBS Watch Shoot

TV Line has a behind the scenes video from the Crminal Minds gals shoot you can see HERE


Criminal Minds 7×22 “Profiling 101″ Screencaps

Paget Brewster Dot Com Gallery > Criminal Minds > Season 7 > 7×22 “Profiling 101″


Paget Brewster To Star In Fox Animated Pilot ‘Working Class Hero’

eparting Criminal Minds co-star Paget Brewster is set to voice a lead opposite Patton Oswalt in Fox’s animated presentation Working Class Hero. The project, co-written and executive produced by American Dad co-creator/executive producer Mike Barker and produced by from 20th Century Fox TV, is set in a world where superheroing is just another low-paid government job and centers on Jeff (Oswalt), a dad whose powers are no match for his misfit superhero co-workers and his demanding family. Brewster, repped by UTA, manager Joannie Burstein and attorney Joel McKuin, will play Karen, Jeff’s overly supportive wife. She is an EMT, and the main financial support of the family. She also saves more lives than Jeff on a weekly basis, but is kind enough to avoid pointing this out to her husband. Barker co-wrote Working Class Hero with American Dad animator Brent Woods and the show’s staff writer Jordan Blum. Woods and Blum serve as co-executive producers, Oswalt as producer. Working Class Hero reunites Brewster with American Dad‘s Barker, Woods and Blum — she had a recurring role on the Fox animated comedy.



Criminal Minds “Divining Rod” Screencaps

The Paget Brewster Dot Com Gallery is updated with this week’s Criminal Minds Screencaps.

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First Look at Criminal Minds CBS Watch Shoot

Their minds may be on criminals, but their bodies still like to play dress-up.

Such was the appeal to the female stars of CBS’ long-running Wednesday series “Criminal Minds” — Paget Brewster, A.J. Cook and Kirsten Vangsness — when they participated earlier this year in a photo shoot for the June issue of CBS Watch! Magazine.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Tysons Corner, Va. (just outside Washington, D.C.), proved to have all the swanky settings needed for the shoot’s storyline casting the women as high-class spies tailing an international bad guy.

Brewster, alias FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit agent Emily Prentiss on “Criminal Minds,” says while on location for the occasion that the feel is “very film-noir, three undercover chicks taking down a James Bond-villain archetype. It’s been really fun, and the stylists gave us great clothes, so we’re excited. I think we’re all buying one of our dresses!”

Techno-genius Penelope Garcia on the show, Vangsness believes the shoot’s approach makes total sense. “There actually are more female spies than male spies, but they’re so good, you just don’t know about them,” she tells Zap2it. “I’m a theater girl, and I always glam up more there than for I do for TV stuff, so I feel very much at home with this.”

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